Morning thoughts

Distant thunder rumbling,

Approaching, ominous and foreboding,

Rain falling, wave after wave.

On such a morning

Some would call this

Not a good day.

But others, myself included,

Would, on reflection, choose to believe,

“This is a way the sun also shines,”

Lifting with celestial love

From its beloved child, the Earth,

That other essential of

The miracle of creation, somehow

Perfectly, wonderfully placed in space,

And I, with cupped hands

Thankfully, hopefully,

Accept a blessing from the rain,

Bathing face and body, lifting the spirit.

And if this day should bring good news

That you, beloved child,

Are no longer in peril,

Then surely this is the best of days,

Absolute, the sun and all the stars –

And on Earth, trumpets of thunder –

Rejoicing, the triumph of a new day.

Speak to me of Love



Speak to me of Love,

And I will tell you a story that never ends.


Speak to me of Love,

And I will tell you how it doesn’t matter,

How much you say she has aged,

And her beauty faded.

Not for me, never, I proudly say.


Speak to me of Love,

Tell me only that she said my name

Fondly, softly, in remembrance.


Speak to me again of love,

One last time, never ending.