Never trust anyone who cheats at golf


Phil, your’s truly, “teeing off” in the driveway on Groundhog Day morning, in the spirit of an early spring.

I notice this morning a still modest, but unusual number of people especially in the U.S. have hit on this post. I take it that’s got something to do with the current, unfolding, Constitutional crisis wherein the incumbent president is refusing to concede the results so far of the recent and apparently ongoing election. That’s despite clear indications he has lost the popular vote nationally by a sizable margin, as well as the unofficial electoral college vote. Yes, I understand everything at this stage is still unofficial. That’s even though he himself — I can’t bring myself to say his name — declared himself the winner on election night and called for the vote-counting to cease; as if that’s not trying to ‘steal’ the election. Now he claims the increasing results in favor of Biden are rigged, plays golf, and lets his faithful enablers do the dirty work of committing a virtual coup to keep him in power for another four years, and more. (He’s on the record as saying he deserves a third term because he’s been treated so badly. It’s always somebody else’s fault, you see.) Anyway, I think this post is worthy of re-publishing at a time like this. So here it is: 

I’m not a groundhog, so I guess it doesn’t count, according to the rules of Groundhog Day, if I saw my shadow or not a few mornings ago.

I could cheat though. I could say I did not see my shadow on my usual, early-morning walk in hopes of catching some precious vitamin D light from the rising sun breaking through the mid-winter clouds. A shadow is a shadow, after all, so what difference does it make?

Not a good habit to get into, cheating, in big and little things. Like its brother, lying, cheating is a disease that will corrupt the mind and soul completely, ultimately leaving no internal sense at all of moral rightness or truth. The victim is left floundering and sinking in his self-destructive morass of chaos and ignorance with no guiding principle of self-awareness and salvation. Instead, there is an increasingly desperate delusion of quasi-sanity that depends on yet more lies and more cheating to maintain a semblance of control and believability. This is the liar/cheater’s most dangerous, destructive period because many foolish and vulnerable people – perhaps millions – will be taken in by the final and worst, potentially world-ending, big lie.

If that reminds you of anyone, congratulations on your insight.

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