Combining Elementary and Secondary in One School

Beginning in 1957, my entire five-year high school career was spent at one suburban Toronto school. Downsview Collegiate Institute had just been built, at a time when elementary and secondary schools could hardly be built fast enough to keep up with that huge demographic wave, the baby boom generation. I, and others of my age, were part of an initial wave of boomers, born or conceived just before our newly recruited father/soldiers went overseas to an uncertain future. The actual post-war wave was even bigger. Continue reading

Redeveloping Owen Sound’s Waterfront

You might think, considering the invitation from city council earlier this week for the public to come forward with ideas about redeveloping the waterfront, that little if any public discussion or visioning has already gone into what a revitalized harbour area should look like.

Nothing could be further from the truth, though you’d never know it from the redevelopment that’s already taken place that anybody has been paying attention to ideas and policies discussed and put in place more than a decade ago. Continue reading