Vote Strategically

So, the federal election campaign has suddenly got interesting.

To some extent it’s about competing polls. One surveying the national and province-by-province mood of voters was done by the polling firm Ekos for LaPresse newspaper in Montreal. The results were released just in time for the French language leaders’ debate this week. It polled 2,343 people for their voting intentions. The results are considered accurate 19 times out of 20, to within two percentage points, according to news reports. Continue reading

Last Words of Jack Layton

The outpouring of public grief since Jack Layton died less than a week ago is the most interesting and significant aspect of one of the most important events in Canadian political history. That’s for what it reveals about the kind of person Canadians would prefer to see running the country on their behalf. And it extends all the way from Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, and cabinet minister, to lowly backbencher from any party, or no party. Continue reading

Important post-election stories ignored because of Brosseau media circus

It’s perfectly understandable that the national news media has focused so much attention on the plight of the newly elected NDP member of Parliament from a largely francophone riding in Quebec who spent part of the election campaign in Las Vegas, can’t speak French fluently, never set foot in the riding, and so on, and on, and on . . . Continue reading