Let’s just call it a “snow day”

Lot of snow coming down today in Hope Ness as you can see. Yes, those are my car tracks in the driveway. I’ve just come back from a wild goose chase to Owen Sound where it wasn’t snowing. If this keeps up Mr. Massey Too and his attached snow-blower will have lots to do tomorrow morning.

Being Canadian, eh, I’ve seen it snow this much, and much more lots of times. Not to get too moody about it, but it does bring back a memory of one morning that year I lived at Rolling Acres when the snow was falling just like this, with little or no wind. I was walking to school on the side-road about a half-mile from the ranch when it started coming down so heavy I could barely see the gloved hand in front of my face. I was lost in a world of white. Continue reading