Finding Hope Ness

One day many years ago, stuck in Toronto traffic yet again, I began to chew my steering wheel in frustration. I knew then it was time to look for somewhere else to live, and something else to do. 

A few days later I took some time off from the daily grind on the Gardiner and went northwest into southern Ontario’s pleasant, rural countryside in search of a good place to start a new and better life. I had some idea what I was looking for, having lived as a child on a couple of farms for several years. But I missed an important step: I should have known that wherever you go on that kind of journey, you take your emotional baggage with you, that you’ve got to sort that out first, or certainly make self-discovery an integral part of the journey; otherwise, the place you leave is essentially the place you keep finding, over and over again. And as a result there is no real escape, no authentic renewal even if you have had the good fortune to discover a special place to live in the world, as I have. You can’t do it justice, or yourself, or anyone else for that matter, especially those who most need you to be present for them as the fully-formed person you’re meant to be.

So, though I found Hope Ness a long time ago, I’m still trying to find it.

But this blog, Finding Hope Ness, is dedicated to the idea that it’s never too late to get it right. It’s about discovering the treasure, the wonder that’s in a moment, even the seemingly mundane.

I want to be like my little granddaughter Mirabella in that moment when, out for a walk with her mother Lila Marie, she held a leaf in her hand, saw the wonder in it, and felt the wonder in herself.

Now that’s living. And that too is Hope Ness.

I invite you to take this journey with me, and maybe share some of your own experience , especially if what I’ve said above sounds familiar.

9 thoughts on “Finding Hope Ness

    • Thanks Marie. And thanks for the Facebook help. I think it helped give my blog a big spike the last few days.

      Just a reminder, don’t forget to click on “like” when you send a comment, unless of course you don’t like it. The last one camer through with a thumb-down.




      • Oh, I didn’t mean to put a thumbs down. at all. No way. Although you should be prepared, there are people who will give you a thumbs down for whatever reason. The key is to ignore them and just keep being real. Cause that’s all we are good at being, and can never ever be appreciated by everyone. A one member audience, is all mankind.


  1. Your writing is too familiar for comfort, but reading truth so close to reality wakes you out of your slumber and apathy. Through my life I have always had hope, even in the darkest most trying times, I clung to hope. I love your real life examples, your family are blessed with your wisdom and love.


    • For whatever reason my Sun Times columns are not on-line. You have to get the paper copy, or wait til I post them on my blog. I do post most of them, but not all. Thanks again for stopping by. I now live at 92 Cathedral Drive, the little no exit road that begins at the old Hope Ness community centre


      • The old Butchart farm at the end of the road? I thought your other place looked kind of deserted and I have seen you drive down Cathedral Road. We often walk up that trail at the end of the road with our dogs, especially this time of the year when that huge collection of cowslips(one of the biggest in the world apparently) is in bloom.


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