Crazy people commit mass-murder

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims of the terrible tragedy in Orlando. I’ve been to the Orlando area a couple of times to visit my sister and her family. I was shocked to hear this horrible event had happened so close to them.

I’ve read at least one on-line news article quoting a former worker employee of the same private security company who said Omar Mateen often talked about killing people and was full of anger and hate. Obviously he was crazy and the sooner the world finds out more about how he got that way, the better.

Crazy people commit mass-murder. That’s the bottom line. How to deal with that and intervene long before it reaches the critical, murderous point is where the preventative focus must be, especially in a home-grown case like this.

At that most important level of understanding and action it’s not a religious issue, and certainly not a political issue. It’s a mental-health issue.

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