Phil’s got corn


If I’m looking a tad smug and self-satisfied in that photo it’s because today was the day I started picking my sweet corn crop – and a good one it is too, if I dare say so myself.

All those pails of water lifted from the old dug well by hand and carried over to the corn during the drought appear to have worked; and not a sign of unwelcome visitors in those well-filled cobs of “peaches and cream.” There’s not much more a sweet corn-obsessed grower could want, except buyers of course.

It’s not like I’m on a main thoroughfare here at the end of Cathedral Drive in the most secluded little corner of Hope Ness on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

So, if you happen to be that reader of my blog in Australia, and think you might just take a notion to jump on a plane and fly here for a feed of fresh-picked, corn-on-the-cob, be my guest. Likewise, you other folks wherever you are, near or far.

Spread the word: Phil’s got corn.



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