An important message


Be not afraid. 

I posted that a few minutes ago. Just that, nothing else.

It was an impulse. A message to myself that I should have kept to myself, I soon found myself thinking.

Yes, it’s a struggle keeping spirits up, but maybe sometimes it’s best to . . .

Then someone dear to me soon sent back a heartfelt “like.”

So there it is again. We are not alone in our struggles. You never know who you might touch at a very important moment when you reach out, someone else who needs to get the important message:

Be not afraid. You are not alone. This darkness will end, and we will play again like children in the light of a new day.

Here, take my hand.



4 thoughts on “An important message

    • One way or another. I didn’t want to make it too descriptive, so to speak. I’ve always tried to hold out hope for the “here and now” of the world in which we live. But these days that’s getting harder and harder, though that should make it that more necessary to work on behalf of hope in the world. But the broader message of hope is also transcendental, I’ve come to appreciate: We are spiritual beings, and WE WILL laugh and play together like wonderful children in the light of a new day in the realm of the spirit. Thank you for your comment, inksoakedsoul.

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  1. I found myself checking the news to see if we were closer to our unwell neighbor putting his finger on the button that could end the world. I’m glad everything is ok in your world.


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