A prayer


Something there is in me still that reaches for the sun,

That still stirs my heart to joy, when after a drought,

A gentle west wind brings nourishing rain, just in time.

Something there is that can still rejoice with the seeds

I planted more carefully this season than ever before,

It being my last garden, and all, more than likely.

I am with them now, one among the happy rows,

Singing praises to the sky, and the mystery of creation.


Yes, something there is in me that wants to be there,

Nourished again by the Grace of God.

Once I was blessed, could have done wonders,

Brought the dead back to life – who knows?

Angels intervened, saved me from harm

As if my life was precious, had life-worthy things to do:

Gardens to plant, tend and nourish, goodness to grow.

But time and time again I betrayed their trust.


And you, my dearest friend, you who were always there,

Waiting for me to embrace you, walk with you,

Now and forever, life without end.

Will you think of me kindly from time to time?

I asked you once before a long time ago,

Not daring to imagine that more might be possible.

You blessed me then, with life renewed, no complication.

Bless me again, I pray.


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