A joyful sunrise in the woods

There was a profound stillness in the air this sunrise, mid-March morning as we walked to my prayerful touchstone beside Cathedral Drive, the dogs and I, doing what we do every morning of every day.

But this morning was different in its mysterious way, though perhaps only ‘mysterious’ to certain disconnected mortals; otherwise, I think it’s fair to say there is a great cry of joy gathering and stirring in the woods, as the ‘sweet liqueur’ of life, as Chaucer would say, begins to rise with the sun. Under the still-deep, snow cover that remains, an infinite murmuring of countless awakening creatures, small and large. And above the old pasture across the road, the rising sun has conjured up a fine mist that speaks to how precious this moment is.

Buddy and Sophie in their canine way are well aware and join the celebration, as they run about, stopping here and there to savour the deliciously rich, rising plenitude of refreshed aromas. Ah, the joy of innocence! Whereas the best I can do is write a few, imagined words, take photos of the happy, sunrise woods, and wonder what it must be like to be a tree on a morning such as this.

But that, at least, is something worthy and hopeful after all, the Great Mystery says, by way of consolation.

And, for the moment, I treasure that blessing. It is reason enough to give thanks.

10 thoughts on “A joyful sunrise in the woods

  1. Hello, I LOVE this. This is our favourite time of the year! So many blessings to be thankful for.

    I am very thankful and appreciative of your Finding Hopeness. Delightful, enlightening, always learning from your articles.

    Thank you so much is all I can muster. Wish I was better with words!!



  2. We were out in the woods ourselves today, Phil, Graham and I. A tiny portion of the Bruce Trail to be exact. Many trees and markings remembered by himself and pointed out to me, the apprentice.


  3. What a beautiful and inspiring piece of writing! This is such a wonderful time of year. We’ll have some back and forth re: temperatures. But, that’s o.k. Spring is here…almost.


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