Foolish $9 Billion Plan to Build New Jails

If you live in a rural area, as many of us in this area do, you’ll maybe know the old saying, “the (insert name fruit or vegetable here) want picking.” Well, I’ve got rows of beans that “want picking,” and hundreds of pounds of potatoes virtually crying out from underground to, “please, please, please dig us up soon or heaven knows what we’ll do.” Continue reading

Hopeness forest gorillas and those that overreacted during G20 are 2 totally different kinds of beasts

Just a few kilometres down our road here in the resurgent wilderness of Hope Ness on the Bruce Peninsula is perhaps one of the strangest, and certainly one of the most unexpected sights one would expect to find here of all places.

Just where the road passes through the deepest, darkest, most mysterious section of the Hope Ness-Hope Bay forest there’s been for many years a large group of jungle animals hanging on the tree trunks and branches on either side.

Gorilla Continue reading

Hearing Set for Residential Development Near Native Burial Sites

A long-simmering dispute on the Bruce Peninsula over residential development on private property in the vicinity of native burial sites is the subject of a lengthy hearing set to begin this coming Tuesday before the Ontario government’s new Environmental Review Tribunal.

At issue specifically is the Niagara Escarpment Commission’s refusal last fall to approve development permits for two lots of record in a provincially approved subdivision. That was despite a staff report recommending approval, and despite the fact the NEC two years earlier permitted development on two other lots in the same subdivision. The people whose applications were denied appealed. Continue reading

Public Access to Government Information

Our society functions to a very large degree on the basis of trust and faith. Every day many of us drive down local roads and highways and trust oncoming vehicles driven by complete strangers will stay on their side of the road. The margin of safety – a few feet, or the width of a painted yellow line – is very slim indeed, considering what’s at stake. But trust makes it infinitely wider, so much so that we rarely if ever think of the catastrophic possibilities if two vehicles meet head on at the combined speed of 160 km/hr.  Continue reading