New provincial legislation to curb violence at work

The wheels and gears of government often grind and turn exceedingly slow in response to pressing socio-economic problems.

Anyone who has been in the workforce and worked at different jobs for many years, as I did, has more than likely experienced workplace harassment and violence in its various forms either directly or indirectly. I had a warehouse boss once who liked to squeeze buttocks as probationary workers stood beside his desk and he pointed out mistakes they had made. Back in those days, nobody complained, for fear of “not making” their probation. He had developed the habit during the war years when most of the workers in the automotive parts warehouse were women; and it simply carried on after the war when it became an all-male staff again, as it still was when I worked there from the mid-60s into the mid-70s.  Continue reading

Parliament Passes First Reading of a Bill to Amend the Firearms Act

If you know the woods, you likely also know deer hunting season is a good time to stay out of them. I was tempted to put on my bright red toque and cut some firewood anyway last week, the weather being ideal and all, but thought better of it. No matter what, I certainly wouldn’t have taken the dogs with me, especially after what I saw Thursday of that week. Continue reading

Same-sex Marriage Legislation

There could be, and there definitely should be a reasonable, balanced, well-informed public discussion about the pros and cons of the Liberal government’s proposed Civil Marriage Act. But unfortunately much of the opposition to the controversial same-sex marriage legislation seems rooted in old-fashioned homophobia; and I, for one, am turned off by it.  Continue reading