Driver’s licence no small matter in rural Ontario


Cathedral Drive, rural Ontario, another reality

I’d like to conduct a bit of a survey.

So, here are my survey questions:

Do you have an Ontario Driver’s Licence?

Do you live in an urban area with access to reasonably good taxi or public transit service, or friends and family to help you get to appointments, do your shopping, run errands, or just get out?

Do you live in a rural area without public transit, no nearby taxi service, and relatively speaking, compared to people in urban areas, not that many neighbours you might ask to drive you to the nearest small town, or Owen Sound?

Are you more than 70 years old?

Do you know that if you’re involved in a collision that results in you being charged with a Highway Traffic Act (HTA) violation, and you either plead or are found guilty, you will be required to pass a three-part re-examination of your fitness to have a driver’s licence?

That includes a written and vision tests, as well as a road test.

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