Be the child you are


My amazing 95-year-old mother who came to live with me a few months ago found this photo as I helped her sort through some of her precious things today.

I am tempted to say how much I wish I could go back in time and try to live better for this boy’s sake, and what might have been. He was so full of delight about being alive. I feel like I let him down.

But foolish, wasteful thought that is. There is only now, and now is the time finally to do right by that child. He is indeed “father to the man” after all.

And you, my friends, I hope you have such a picture of the child you were, and are still.

Take it in your hands and see, maybe for the first time, who you really are.

Love that child, be that child, set his or her spirit free finally to live, and love.

Put down your burden. Don’t let it get in the way anymore. Whatever it was about, you’ve carried it long enough; too long, in fact. Your worth was affirmed a long time ago. Believe that. It’s true.



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