Fear and Trembling in Hope Ness

Finding Hope Ness

cloud-979849__340 A storm clod taking shape

(Author’s note, May 23, 2017: since I first wrote and published this post, U.S. President Donald Trump has fired now-former FBI director James Comey. He has offered several reasons for doing so, including to relieve the pressure he felt he was under on account of the FBI investigation into Russia’s meddling into last fall’s U.S. election to allegedly help his campaign. It’s been widely reported Trump told high-ranking Russian officials in the Oval Office the day after the firing that he felt relieved the pressure was off. Turns out it wasn’t, as subsequent events clearly showed. His firing of Comey may yet prove to have been a huge blunder for him, setting in motion fateful consequences. We’ll see. Anything, and I mean anything, can still happen. Trump will not let the investigations, finish, including the one now in the hands of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.)

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5 thoughts on “Fear and Trembling in Hope Ness

    • Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve made a conscious effort to not get carried away. Fortunately, or whatever, I actually have some feelings of pity for the guy. But then I remember that he’s the President of the U.S.with the fate of the world in his …..hands, and I come back to my senses. But still, it doesn’t accomplish anything to pile on the scorn.


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