Larry Miller’s Attitude Toward the News Media

I was going to start off here by doing the gracious thing after the federal election and congratulate newly re-elected Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Conservative MP Larry Miller on his victory. To win re-election by such a wide margin must be, one would think, a “humbling” experience in the way politicians use that word in the aftermath of a successful election campaign. (Chances are they’re anything but humbled.)

But I have just read the Honourable Member’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s issue of this newspaper and I no longer feel like offering him congratulations; instead, I will criticize him for what strikes me as ill-timed arrogance and a shocking lack of appreciation of basic democratic principles for one now entering his fourth term as an elected representative of the people. Continue reading

Conservative Government: Minority or Majority?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then someone in the Larry Miller re-election campaign might want to hurry on over to Shallow Lake, take a photo, and send it off to Conservative Party of Canada election campaign national headquarters as a striking illustration of just how well things appear to be going for the Conservatives in this part of rural Ontario: it’s just one Miller/Conservative sign after another, just like it was in the last federal campaign. Continue reading

Sarah Palin

I’m not in much of a mood these days to pass judgment on anyone. I think it’s fair to say most of us are trying as best we can to work our way through the challenges we or our loved ones face on a daily basis. Sometimes they feel overwhelming. Maybe we realize too late we’ve taken on too much, but somehow we have to find a way to meet our obligations of work or family; otherwise, the consequences of not doing so are bound to make things worse, or so we fear, and rightly so. Continue reading