Redeveloping Owen Sound’s Waterfront

You might think, considering the invitation from city council earlier this week for the public to come forward with ideas about redeveloping the waterfront, that little if any public discussion or visioning has already gone into what a revitalized harbour area should look like.

Nothing could be further from the truth, though you’d never know it from the redevelopment that’s already taken place that anybody has been paying attention to ideas and policies discussed and put in place more than a decade ago. Continue reading

Important post-election stories ignored because of Brosseau media circus

It’s perfectly understandable that the national news media has focused so much attention on the plight of the newly elected NDP member of Parliament from a largely francophone riding in Quebec who spent part of the election campaign in Las Vegas, can’t speak French fluently, never set foot in the riding, and so on, and on, and on . . . Continue reading

Larry Miller’s Attitude Toward the News Media

I was going to start off here by doing the gracious thing after the federal election and congratulate newly re-elected Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Conservative MP Larry Miller on his victory. To win re-election by such a wide margin must be, one would think, a “humbling” experience in the way politicians use that word in the aftermath of a successful election campaign. (Chances are they’re anything but humbled.)

But I have just read the Honourable Member’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s issue of this newspaper and I no longer feel like offering him congratulations; instead, I will criticize him for what strikes me as ill-timed arrogance and a shocking lack of appreciation of basic democratic principles for one now entering his fourth term as an elected representative of the people. Continue reading

Conservative Government: Minority or Majority?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then someone in the Larry Miller re-election campaign might want to hurry on over to Shallow Lake, take a photo, and send it off to Conservative Party of Canada election campaign national headquarters as a striking illustration of just how well things appear to be going for the Conservatives in this part of rural Ontario: it’s just one Miller/Conservative sign after another, just like it was in the last federal campaign. Continue reading

Teens Thrown Out of Harper Campaign Event

There is a God. Just when it looked like a sufficient number of Canadian voters – albeit maybe only a little more than 40 percent of them – were getting ready to give Stephen Harper and his Conservatives the majority he so badly wants and, thus, a virtual one-man, “Harper Government” dictatorship for at least four years, fate and the Great Minds running his campaign have managed to shoot themselves in the foot. Continue reading

Clumsy Handling of Funding Request for KAIROS

In naval warfare when the going gets too hot and the enemy’s shells are scoring too many damaging hits, you can do one of three things: run up the white flag of surrender, “make smoke” and hide behind it, or similarly, disappear into a fortuitous fog bank.


The great minds in the Prime Minister’s Office have chosen a combination of the last two, in response to the controversy over Bev Oda’s clumsy handling of a CIDA document recommending $7 million funding approval for the ecumenical, faith-based group KAIROS in 2009. Continue reading

Sarah Palin

I’m not in much of a mood these days to pass judgment on anyone. I think it’s fair to say most of us are trying as best we can to work our way through the challenges we or our loved ones face on a daily basis. Sometimes they feel overwhelming. Maybe we realize too late we’ve taken on too much, but somehow we have to find a way to meet our obligations of work or family; otherwise, the consequences of not doing so are bound to make things worse, or so we fear, and rightly so. Continue reading

Think about single-tier government

I’m sure Arlene Wright, newly acclaimed to her second consecutive one-year term as Grey County warden, can be taken at her word when she said after county council’s inaugural meeting earlier this week that the new council will “look at everything” to avoid increasing county taxes in 2011. And that’s while looking for ways to help the county’s financially stressed nine lowertier municipalities, including Owen Sound, find ways to cope with the rising costs, coupled with the prospect of further provincial funding cuts.

No doubt the other members of county council, as well as members of the lower-tier, local municipal councils would also say they’re prepared to “look at everything” in pursuit of solutions to the combined upper-tier/ lower tier financial dilemma.

Continue reading

First All Candidates Meeting for South Bruce Peninsula Municipal Election

The Meeting Place in Wiarton was packed this past Wednesday evening for the first all-candidates’ meeting for the South Bruce Peninsula municipal election in a month. There must have been at least 200 people in what used to be better known as The Propeller Club, a name that hearkened back to the days when Wiarton was the home port of many a Great Lakes steamer, and many a mariner, including some who never made it home again but fell victim to turbulent winds and waters. Continue reading